Ok Wow Did I Dissapear for a While - May 21, 2013

   Ok I know it has been forever since I've blogged or posted any new chapters but I'm going to try and write at least 500 words a day this summer as a challenge to myself. So in hopes of getting this done, here is my first 500+ words. This is the begining of Chapter Six of The False Rose.



   Nel took her time admiring herself in the mirror. The foreign materials she wore caressed her skin in ways her ragged scraps of clothes never could. The bright yellows and whites accented her tan skin well, making her more bronze than she truly was. She gave a little twirl and finally turned to the girl standing next to her.

   “Do you like it?” She asked.

   “Oh, yes Miss Nel.” The serving girl quickly replied, though she really didn’t look.

   “Please just call me Nel. You’ve known me for years Amira. I am no different than the girl I was yesterday.” She hated having her friend as a serving girl. In fact she could do without one but Mara insisted she have one.

   “I’m sorry Nel, but this all seems so surreal. Yesterday you were nobody, and now you are the King’s ward.” Nel was too afraid to have anyone know who she really was, so she begged the King to keep their secret. Mara was more than happy to agree with Nel.

   “Well with my mother dead and no one to take care of me until I am of age, the King felt with all her years of service it was the best way he could repay her.” The lie she was telling everyone was working well. Though Nel thought there was a little doubt in Amira’s face.

   “In any case, you are very lucky Miss Nel.”

   “Stop Amira! I will not hear it. I am still the same girl, don’t let these draperies fool you.” She ruffled the dress to emphasize her words. “When you are with me you shall address me as Nel, and that’s final.”

   “Yes Nel.” Amira Looked hurt, but Nel was sure her point got across. She didn’t like being treated differently just because she had a tittle. Even though it wasn’t her true title, Nel could she the power a few grams of status came with. Nel stole another glance at her self in the mirror and was off down the corridor.

   The long walk left Nel to her thoughts. Though walking in the brand new shoes took some time because they weren’t broken in like all the pairs she received from Mara. Thinking back Nel probably only got those shoes because the King felt bad for her. She wondered what else in her life he secretly had a part in. Nel didn’t like the special treatments before, and certainly now knowing why she got them, didn’t help her mood.

   Nel was dreading the direction she headed in. the closer she got to the main hall, the more her nerves wanted to take over and tell her to run in the other direction. But, she put a brave face on and pushed her fears down and continued walking, Amira only a few steps behind her. Still her breath quickened as she stepped in front of the massive doors and waited. Two guards on either side of the doors pushed and they swung open with ease.


   “Presenting Miss Nelfare Edelweiss. Ward to the high King Alden.” A guard announced to the packed hall. Everyone turned and stared at Nel. Quickly her face reddened.


Hope you guys enjoyed and more to come soon. :)

Sorry For the Hiatus - February 19, 2013

   “Am I to be her serving girl, or are we to continue this charade for the good of your kingdom?” ~ Mara in "The False Rose" Chapter Five. 

   Soon to come, just a little teaser for everyone waiting. Sorry I know it has been a while, almost a month by my count. Things in my personal life got very busy, between school and life i got hit hard with a major  case of "I don't want to write". But I'm back and hopefully I wont be gone for a month again.

Something That Bothers Me - January 14,2013

   I know it has been a while since I posted anything, but as I research another book idea I am working on, I'm getting more and more aggrivated. Paranormal Fiction and Supernatural Fiction are two completely different genres, yet sites Like Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as a few research site decided they are the same. Paranormal deals with Ghosts and Demons and maybe Angles but more towards the dark side of them. Whereas Supernatural deals with a person with unnatural abilities or ailments, e.g., Vampire, Werewolf, Witches, and any other being who at one point in time was a regular human. So immagine my disdain as i try to search for paranormal research and keep getting hit with Twilight fanfictions and "You should read Twilight, or the Sookie Stakhouse Novels..." Uhmm no, those are not paranormal books. I'm looking for a good ghost story book just to see how the author starts it off and how they write the settings, so please Twilight get the hell out of my way.

End of a Year - December 31, 2012

   As we close out on 2012 and bring in 2013, I look forward to the new year to try and change my life for the better. With new career oportunities, finishing my Associates Degree, and more books to write, I hope this new year will be a big change. I'm tired of being stuck in that old rut, so it's time to dig myself out and get down to business. Wish me luck.

Life's Little Goals - December 29th, 2012

   With the completion of chapter three of The False Rose, I realized my life is a series of little goals. When writing Quinn, each chapter was a goal. Once the book was completed I had a new goal, then pulished another one. It seems with the completion of a goal a new and more challenging goal arises. Are we truely reaching our goals if the bar keeps being moved? Food for thought. 

Those Insomniatic Hours - December 29th, 2012

   I hate being up late and having nothing I feel like writing. Don't get me wrong, I can write but the crap that spews out onto the screen needs to be quickly deleted. There are times when I get into the swing of things and I can write for hours, but other times I am lucky to get a few lines out before I lose interest. I believe Hemingway once said: "Today was a good day, I wrote a sentence." I can feel his pain. Well let me get back to the word processor and see if today can be a good day. 

New Website and Brief Update - December 28th, 2012

   So here is my new website for myself. Look forward to posting here for everyone when I get the chance to. As far as updates, The False Rose is well on its way. I should be posting a new chapter up withing the next day or two. As far as Wisp is concerned i wont be posting it on wattpad to avoid spoilers to people who have not yet read Quinn. As always you can message me here, on facebook, twitter, or wattpad. Have a happy New Year and enjoy reading.


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